Change Management

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  • Whenever change is needed there are conditions, factors and interventions that enable change and those that hamper it
  • No change plan is without challenges, but thinking ahead and preparing for those challenges can help deliver intelligent change with a greater chance of success

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Course Overview

The objective of this course is to enable delegates to understand change and learn practical ways to maximise support and minimise resistance, sabotage or apathy towards their change efforts, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful result.

Content Overview

Understanding change

  • The personal and organisational impacts of change
  • Change as a continuum
  • Working with organisational Culture
  • Gaining and sustaining Commitment
  • Assessing and preparing Capacity
  • Building Capability


Enablers of change

  • Using Lewin’s Force Field Analysis to promote change
  • Understanding dependencies
  • Change Agents, Thought Leaders and Early Adopters


Barriers to change

  • Mapping needs and concerns
  • Predicting and preventing resistance
  • Separating people from problems
  • Pattern interruption and establishing new associations


Maintaining momentum

  • Action planning



By the end of the course delegates will have used a range of models to identify why there are barriers to change and what those barriers are and will have prepared a strategy to deal with them.


Duration and Format

Full day, interactive and supported with materials and shared resources.

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