HR Leadership underpins the creation of a winning firm

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HR Leadership underpins the creation of a winning firm

The October edition of THE HR DIRECTOR features an article entitled “Victorious Principles,” an extract from the book “Firm Principles” written by theGrogroup Director, Alex Shacklock. The three page article highlights HR leadership and the first two key principles from the book. The article will interest all business leaders and is summarised below.



The introductory headline highlights that:


“There are businesses that have continued to be successful over years and for some, this has created an attitude of complacency and a backward-gazing mentality. In today’s fast paced, and more competitive climate, this is a dangerous perspective, as the needs of customers and employees are changing at a hectic rate. Professional services firms always need to be a few steps ahead in their HR leadership strategy, break with the past, and identify and execute change, in order to be a player in today’s competitive marketplaces.” 


The article goes on to cover the key highlights of the first two winning principles:


Principle 1: Light the fire, and


Principle 2: Time to look in the mirror and lead with ‘Why’


We were also delighted to read their book review, when talking about Firm Principles they said:


The narrative that kicks off this book is like a call to arms for changing the status quo of how companies work


It is about driving a winning business, with its practical workbook format there are exercises in here that any HR leader will want to complete with their leaders across the business.


It’s a wakeup call that we all need to understand business development and do it well to underpin an organization”



If you are a HR or business leader and would like to discuss how we can improve your HR leadership strategy, we would love to buy you a coffee and share our thoughts on creating a winning firm and some of the tools behind the Firm Principles. Please get in touch on 01892 610060 or email


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