Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day and we felt it was an ideal day to launch our Advance programme to build confidence in your young female professionals.

We’ve resisted calls to run any kind of “women in leadership programmes” over the years because women are more than capable of holding their own against their male counterparts on any leadership programme and are best served by joining them and creating a strong cross gender team. However the ‘great resignation’ has highlighted the challenge that so many firms have of keeping their best female talent. You need to build the confidence and self esteem in your junior women to ensure they have the self belief that there is a future for them within your firm.

The challenge and opportunity

  • The pandemic has opened up the employment market in ways that have never before been seen within the professional services sector
  • Every client of ours, and all the organisations we meet, are screaming out to find talent at every level, especially seniors, tax advisers and managers
  • One of the biggest challenges is not so much the difficulty in attraction but the challenge of retention
  • Our Advance Programme can help maximise retention of your female staff
  • Your firm must appear to be the obvious choice for growth and success for young women.

Many women choose to leave after they have children, or in order to get promotion or sometimes because they feel, tragically, that a future within the profession is not for them. The Advance programme is designed to build confidence, self-esteem and demonstrate the commitment that any firm has in building it’s female talent to be in the right position to sit at the boardroom table. It’s a programme designed around the woman and not specific leadership skills, that are covered in behavioural training. This is all about creating a future focused female family of individuals who are navigating a male dominated leadership structure within their firm.

Advance is a unique leadership development programme focusing on building confidence, and designed specifically for women. Women in professional services are highly intelligent, capable and focused, so this programme is far less about teaching women what leadership is, and far more about helping them paint a clearer picture of the woman they wish to “become” and supporting them to take practical action to realise this at work. The result:  Women will lead naturally with more confidence and clarity, and the self belief that they can succeed in the organisation. 

Take a look at our webpage that highlights how theGrogroup’s six month Advance programme will help develop your future women leaders.

The programme lead is Kielan Tayler and is supported by our amazing team of strong women – please get in touch with Kielan@thegrogroup.com to find out more.