Finding your “Diamonds” in business development

Liz Whitaker is our resident expert on how to win work and leverage relationships. Liz has managed and delivered successful marketing initiatives in professional services firms for over 25 years and is the author of “The Power of Personal”- a business development handbook about how to connect, convince, and create exceptional client relationships.

Part of the Propella approach is using the Propella grid to find the “Diamonds in the Data” which can unlock the massive untapped business potential in clients, contacts and colleagues and smack bang in the middle of the Propella grid is a fun, lovely, unique character set.

The grid helps you to find your priority clients, targets, contacts etc and you lavish the power of personal on those priorities. For a speed-dating introduction to all the characters, including the Prize, Trojan Horse and Eager Beaver, here’s an article published in PM Forum Magazine.

If you’re interested in better business relationships and finding out more about Propella, then please contact to arrange a suitable time to speak. To see the grid in action you can also book a complimentary Propella360 discovery session.