Finance for Non Financial Managers

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Course Overview

This course is designed to remove mystery from the world of finance. Delegates are taught how to understand and interpret financial statements and to practically apply key accounting concepts including profits and cash. They are also introduced to a number of important financial management tools and advised on how to avoid many of the common financial pitfalls. The course will be tailored to individual company needs, priorities and processes


  • Understand statutory and management accounts
  • Understand practical accounting concepts
  • Break down the barriers of financial jargon
  • Depreciation, calculation and effect on profit
  • The Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account
  • Working Capital
  • The trading and Profit & Loss Account
  • Turnover vs Profit
  • Profit vs Cash and good cash management
  • Importance of fixed and variable costs
  • Understanding budgeting



  • De-mystification of accounting terms
  • Application of important accounting concepts
  • Understanding the structure of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Learning how to interpret Financial information
  • Understanding the importance of Working Capital and Cash flow


Duration and Format

An interactive full day of exercises discussion and worked examples.

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