Strategic planning

Whilst organisational purpose, vision and values should remain constant, strategic planning and implementation is a fluid process and needs to be a constant business priority.

We help clients with their challenges across the three dimensions of strategy:

     a) Creation: the intellectual, analytical and innovative thinking process required to create strategic direction.
     b) Practicality: the development of specific objectives and actions in pursuit of strategy
     c) Execution: implementing the strategy by following through on the actions

Our 7 step process is designed to cover each of these dimensions and ensure that business direction is aligned with the vision and purpose. In an ever-shifting world, the process helps businesses position themselves to best meet challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

The process covers:

  1. Core markets and customer needs (What are customers points of pain? What do they really appreciate about your services or products?)
  2. Preferred routes to market
  3. Business Development, sales and delivery approaches and processes
  4. Services offered
  5. Brand and vocabulary
  6. Decision making and risk – short, medium and long term assessment)
  7. Organisational goals – breaking strategy down into aligned objectives and actions

The process uses business research and an algorithm to accurately ‘map’ market segmentation and delivers an outline plan for the business

Clients often ask us to deliver this solution as an offsite event, or as a staged dynamic process of business appraisal.

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