Resilience and Peak Performance

In today’s very busy business world it is possible for us to experience feelings of frustration, overload and stress.

We help you to learn what is happening in your brain and body that causes those feelings and how ‘calm people’ use that knowledge to feel at ease, even when the world around them is extremely challenging.
We focus on 3 key themes:

1) Why we experience overload and frustration:

  • Understanding the physical and chemical processes that cause negative feelings
  • Learn how the processes and routines we live by (our script) create the discomfort
  • Identify your own thinking habits that keep you from feeling clam and relaxed in the face of stressful situations

2) The practices of resilient people:

  • Learn how to notice what happens to you when you are not feeling resilient
  • Learn what resilient, calm and relaxed people think and do differently
  • Understand how becoming mindful is like the body’s ’reset to calm’ button
  • Gain the use of instant tools, techniques and a way of thinking that changes how you experience overload and frustration

3) How to apply that to yourself and bounce back:

  • How to use the physical and mental tools we already have within us to create a feeling of calm confidence in any situation at work or at home
  • Set up habits to practice and come back to your innate sense of well being and resilience
  • Leave with all that you need to know, to feel resilient, calm and at ease in any situation

Mental Health

For many organisations ‘Resilience’ is a veiled reference to Mental Health concerns.

If you have concerns about the level of support your organisation provides or want to speak to somebody about how to establish an appropriate support structure please do get in touch.

We work with a clinical psychologist and a counsellor / professional coach who can discuss your organisations needs in more detail and suggest support that is available for your Mental Health First Aiders or HR teams.

Email: or call us on 01892 610060