Ready4Business: Professional Services

This is a dynamic, interactive business simulation, enabling delegates to understand the key issues involved in running a practice.

In teams, delegates act as the main board and compete with other similar firms being responsible for the financial performance of their business.

A brilliant (so we are told) simulation to draw teams and departments together and understand the decisions required to drive a business such as:

  • Investment in Business Development – both financially and in time to attract clients
  • Approach to the marketplace – niche providers or volume?
  • Staffing levels, rates of pay, bonuses, recruitment and agencies
  • Premises and other costs
  • Lead times, cash, profit and receivables
  • Raising finance

They will have to deal with typical business risks while attempting to generate turnover, win clients increase profits and control cash flow.

Our facilitators provide insight into the consequences of the decisions made, highlighting essential areas for commercial and financial success and providing practical solutions to the problems encountered. We work with your Finance Director, to isolate the most critical business learning and provide examples of real life experiences for the organisaiton.

All delegates will have a deep understanding of the commercial world and how management has to take difficult decisions in order to achieve commercial and financial success.

People learn:

  • Careful resource planning and forecasting is key in an uncertain business environment
  • A well thought out strategy to generate and retain customers is important
  • Control of costs and cash flow is critical to maintain trading viability
  • Its cash not profit that pays the bills
  • How economic changes impact businesses
  • How difficult it can be to create increasing levels of profit on a consistent basis
  • How growing businesses have a disproportionate need to generate cash
  • Typical business risks and methods to deal with those risks
  • The commercial and financial jargon that is used by businesses

Every delegate will gain a clear understanding of the integrated nature of business decisions and how those decisions have an impact on commercial and financial performance.