Presentation skills

For many, the idea of public speaking and presenting fills them with dread, hence why it is one of the greatest human fears.

We are constantly ‘presenting’ a message to our teams and in meetings. Yet, if we have to stand up and make it formal then suddenly it becomes something else – because we are focusing on the wrong thing!

We focus on:

  • Starting with the fear – just what is it about public speaking?
  • Why fear is an internally created illusion
  • The 4 purposes of presentations
  • Flipping the focus – ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!
  • Audience profiling
  • Structuring the message and creating stories
  • The human memory – emotions stick
  • Designing and planning

We have developed an approach to helping people ‘flip the fear’ into a more positive mindset and create audience focused, clear, simple and structured messages.

We help people:

  • Build confidence
  • Have a simple technique to ensure you deliver practical and useful session
  • Have a selection of engagement tools at your disposal
  • Anticipate questions and challenges and know how to respond confidently
  • Take control of nerves and have them work in your favour
  • Practice, practice, practice and improve through feedback

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