Persuasion and Influence

Results and success can be significantly affected by the ability to persuade and influence others – whether peers, team-members, clients and customers or a wider audience.

This solution helps to develop the critical behaviours, techniques and mindset required to be ensure a positive impact on others.

It focuses on:

  • The 6 ways that people are most frequently influenced
  • Using the one key tactic that presents your information in the best light
  • Personal communication style
  • Influence, Manipulation and Persuasion
  • Dealing with conflict – your personal preference
  • Understanding one essential psychological model to maintain control

The ability to effectively get yourself heard, to encourage others to align with your values and thinking in the workplace and to help lead customers and clients is an essential part of the toolkit of the modern professional.

The solution will:

  • Ensure you deliver positive and assertive communication
  • Explain complicated ideas in a manner which aids understanding and increases the likelihood of success
  • Help you to become a more active listener
  • Enhance persuasion skills to act as an opinion shaper
  • Help you to express your ideas in an assertive and effective manner
  • Drive personal action planning

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