Leadership & Management

We help clients to find effective and impactful leadership and management solutions that deliver real results.

Leadership development

There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Leadership. Effective leadership in one organisation and in one situation will be totally ineffective and ill-fitting in another.

Partner Development

Creating partners of the future and developing your newly promoted partners is invaluable as many say the learning curve as a new partner is 5 years. This is too long to recoup such an investment. A strong development programme (supported by an inhouse mentor) should accelerate partner performance and reduce risk for the firm.

Management development

The impact that management has on organisational performance cannot be understated. Yet it is often taken for granted, with people just expected to naturally ‘step-up’ and manage teams.


We help clients to find effective and impactful leadership and management solutions that deliver real results. We start by clarifying the starting position and digging down to understand the current leadership behaviours and mindsets, and the cultural levers that affect these. We then work with you to understand the changes in behaviour, actions and results that you want from your leaders and managers and how these will help to drive your teams to deliver the strategy and align your business culture.



Leadership isn’t a position, it’s a state of mind and a continual process and should be embedded across an organisation. We deliver Leadership solutions for leaders at every level from senior leaders, helping to prepare ‘next level down’ for senior management, director or partner roles, and helping individuals to effectively lead business segments, departments and teams.

Our Leadership framework underpins the design of client specific solutions to leadership development.


We help organisations to develop effective behaviours and skills across their management teams and have developed a range of practical tools and approaches to positively impact on individual and collective performance. We work with clients to create bespoke solutions to achieve agreed outcomes.

Our solutions


We ensure that action plans and targets from learning interventions are aligned with performance management processes to embed and lock in the change. We help to develop measures and feedback systems to drive accountability and advise on how to push other cultural levers to drive improved performance.


We compare results against initial desired outcomes through quantitative and qualitative measures

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