Finance For Non Financial Managers

This is all about making finance and accounting fun!

Ok, this may not work for everyone… but certainly people can leave with the confidence to understand, challenge and ask the right questions when looking at their monthly reports or sets of financial statements.

This intervention is designed to remove mystery from the world of finance. Delegates learn how to understand and interpret financial statements and get to grips with the key differences in profits and cash along with key accounting terms.

They are also introduced to a number of important financial management tools and advised on how to avoid many of the common financial pitfalls. The solution is tailored to your individual company needs, priorities and processes and can include reviews of your reports and decision making budget tools.

It helps with:

Ability to review and act on variance reports
Confidence in understanding monthly reports
Ability to set effective budgets

Key focus areas

  • Understand statutory and management accounts
  • Understand practical accounting concepts
  • Break down the barriers of financial jargon
  • Depreciation, calculation and effect on profit
  • The Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account
  • Working Capital and cash flow
  • The trading and Profit & Loss Account
  • Turnover vs Profit
  • Profit vs Cash and good cash management
  • Importance of fixed and variable costs
  • Understanding budgeting
  • Application of important accounting concepts

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