Culture and strategy work hand in hand to drive organisational success.

Everyone knows the importance of creating a clear strategy to drive a business towards its vision, yet few also spend time defining the required organisational culture to align with the strategy.

Culture is becoming a focal point. Let’s assume I am an interested prospective customer, or a key customer or a very talented individual you are trying to recruit. Many stakeholders (and potential stakeholders) in your business are becoming more and more interested in finding out just how you go about things.

What is it like to work for you, to work with you… what do you stand for and how does this manifest itself in the behaviours and interactions of your people?

Do you know what your culture really is? Many organisations invest in an engagement survey, but investing in a culture pulse check and investigating the gaps between formal and informal culture could be far more valuable.

And if you haven’t ever spent time defining the culture you need to drive your strategy and vision, or have had a change in strategic direction but had not revisited cultural expectations – then it could be time to.

If you really do believe that people are your greatest asset then the way that people behave, think, work, interact and align behind the organisation has to be worth spending serious time on. Doesn’t it?

How we can help?

We can support any business across the different stages of the aligning culture process including:

  • Measuring current culture
  • Gap analysis – compare the measurement to formal expectations and leadership analysis of culture
  • Defining the required culture to drive the business strategy
  • Consulting on the actions required to embed the new culture
  • Re-measuring to assess progress

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