Creating or re-energising brand

A clearly articulated brand delivered flawlessly at every customer or stakeholder touchpoint is a vital foundation for business success.

We partner with Brand Workshop who bring many years of brand development experience to bear on every brand programme. From finance to food service and from business sales to software, they ensure that your brand is built upon the strong foundations of clarity, creativity and consistency. So, whether you’re launching a brand or re-energising an existing one, they will work as a seamless extension of your team to ensure that your brand delivers measurable business advantage. Let them put their experience to your advantage.


  • Ignition
  • Involvement
  • Identity
  • Insight

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Embedding the Brand

Once an organisation has created a set of powerful, motivating and irresistible values behind the brand, these need to be rolled out across the business. But ‘embedding values’ is very different to just communicating values. It means that values:

  • Become part of the fabric of your organisation
  • Can be reflected in everyday conversations
  • Embody ‘the way things get done around here

Ultimately it means that everybody in the organisation lives the brand.

People often require support and direction in adapting behaviours and developing new skills, in order to live and role model the brand and values, and drive the vision.

theGrogroup assists Brand Workshop in ensuring that values are lived at every level of an organisation, are reflected by congruent messages throughout the management team and underpinned by behaviours.

Our offer includes solutions for Leadership, Management and Business Development which enable individuals and teams to effectively lead and manage change and all aspects of the ‘new organisation’ underpinned by the new values and behaviours.

Measuring how effectively values are understood and, more importantly, embedded into the fabric of an organisation allows Leadership teams to not only evaluate the effectiveness of change but also to design further actions

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