Conferences & Key Notes

theGrogroup have 20 years of experience in helping clients to design, organise, host and deliver effective and memorable conferences both nationally and internationally.

We understand the investment involved in running a conference and the need for the event to have real impact and deliver a lasting return in terms of business performance, keeping engagement and energy levels high.


We work with you to create a clear understanding of what you want from the conference or the key note, who the audience will be, the culture of the business, current challenges and general employee mood. We help you to create clear outcomes – what do you want people to think, feel and do differently as a result of the conference or key note?


Our solutions include:

  • Conference design
  • Conference organisation
  • Conference facilitation
  • Conference MC
  • Delivery of key note sessions and organising motivational speakers
  • Audience interaction and data moderation


We ensure that your conference timetable is reviewed and clear feedback is presented so that you can adapt and change content, order and energisers to maximise engagement. Where appropriate, each person walks away with an action plan and monitoring processes are built to create a cadence of action accountability.


We work with you to compare progress and results against initial required outcomes.

Popular key notes include:


  • What makes a great adviser?
  • Why can’t lawyers and accountants all help clients drive their businesses?

This engaging session looks at some of the reasons behind the way so many professionals approach their client relationships and what you can do to ensure you are seen as something more than a solid, honest, available, professional. What sets some people apart is their ability to be curious. What makes your business tick? Why did you go into this in the first place? What made you want to buy it? What are the biggest issues? How do you deal with staff turnover? What’s the next IT challenge? What keeps you awake at night?

A great list of questions to ask is not enough – though it is a takeaway. It’s a state of mind.

Learn how to access that part of your brain with some fascinating visuals and case studies around professional services.

Firm Principles – Winning Guidelines for Professional Service Firms

The Firm Principles book is a guide for current and aspiring partners who want to drive successful firms. Paul brings to life some of the key guidelines of the book in a memorable and engaging way, ensuring that the audience learn:

  • The 6 areas of focus to create a Winning Firm
  • Why you need a burning platform for change in our industry
  • Why your people need to join the dots…
  • Business Development and the magic square

The session varies between deliveries to focus on the specific areas that you feel are most likely to resonate with your firm’s current level of development and growth aspiration. With relevant examples and case studies throughout, our llight hearted but honest approach to the issues make it possible for people to understand just what they must do to effect change.


We also design and deliver conference sessions on any of our areas of expertise.

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