Communication and Personal Impact

The impact we have in what we say, in how we say things and in how we behave in a variety of situations is crucial in defining personal brand and in building relationships.

Our communication solution focuses on the key subjects of self-awareness, awareness of others, and communication and behavioural styles – as a means to gaining a deeper understanding of how you can have greater personal impact at work.

Contrary to some lines of thought it is not just about saying and doing what others want you to say or do, but rather it is about respect, trust, support and honesty.

We focus on:

  • Identifying the barriers to self-awareness and personal growth for individuals and business teams
  • Understanding personal communication style and how we can adapt to be more effective
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of others enables you to take them into consideration in your communication and actions
  • Recognising positive behaviours such as challenging the process, modelling the way forward, envisioning the future, inspiring a shared vision and encouraging the hearts and minds of others
  • How to use positive language to influence, build support and trust
  • Creating a positive success culture built on honesty, integrity, trust and openness
  • Realising greater influence and success in relationships with colleagues/clients
  • Managing self-talk and resilience by removing the ‘victim’ and ‘powerlessness’ mentality with a focus on “can-do” thinking

We ensure that individuals feel empowered and enabled to achieve improved performance

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