Your Compelling Value Proposition (Part 2)

Your Compelling Value Proposition (Part 2)

Hello, we are theGrogroup and this is what we do ….

In our last update we talked about the ‘Hello, what do you do?’ question and the importance of articulating what you do from the other person’s perspective. This enables you to focus on exactly what your compelling proposition is, in the context of your audience.

The reason we chose this subject was quite simply because we have been doing a lot of thinking about how we articulate our proposition. It is important to do this regularly because the business environment is dynamic, needs and wants change and customers are constantly looking for answers to different questions. Whilst the purpose of what you do may remain the same, the context of how you help solve customers’ problems will change.

We recently met with an ambitious Consulting business where we helped brainstorm options to solve some key engagement and integration issues that they are facing. The senior partner was full of praise for our help, asked us to follow up with some workshops, but then commented ‘you know, today has been great, I think you are great… but I am just not clear on your proposition and exactly where you would help us. What you have been doing for us today is so valuable, but I am not sure I would find this on your website or on your business card’.

He was right. Our core purpose and ethos hasn’t changed, but the context of how we help our clients has. Additionally, we are constantly learning how to add more value, how to achieve better outcomes and really deliver impact.

So… what do we do?

Our ethos remains: We believe that every organisation can be, and needs to be, better tomorrow than it is today.  Organisations (and the people who work in them) have to continually learn and evolve, and strive to improve performance, to ensure that they remain successful.

As Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO Lego said “Effective organisations tear down the illusion that if they are successful today, then they will be successful tomorrow’.

What we actually deliver when clients use us for advice, challenge and our development solutions is CHANGE. Every organisation which is striving for constant improvement in performance NEEDS constant growth and CHANGE. So…..Hello, we are theGrogroup this is what we do:

We are experts in helping organisations to continually improve performance by effectively executing and embedding required change.

Sounds interesting…how do you do that?

We do this through our proven dynamic interlocking framework 4DECTM

Dimension #1 Understanding the change Need – challenging strategy and thinking to clarify (or help an organisation identify) the change need, how this is being communicated and current plans to deliver the change

Dimension #2 Enabling people to execute – helping them to learn and evolve, to develop the required skills, behaviours, confidence and mindsets to enable and empower individuals and teams to drive the change successfully

Dimension #3 Locking-In the change – creating accountability for delivering change through aligning D1 (the change need) with D2 (new mindsets and behaviours) through their key business infrastructure, performance management systems and frameworks

Dimension #4 Measuring progress – creating and evaluating key metrics pre and post change to clearly measure progress

What is your compelling proposition? Is it effective in the context of the needs of your customers (and target customers) today? Is it time to re-clarify who you are and what you do?

theGrogroup would love to help you with executing and embedding your change need, please get in touch, we’d love to buy you a coffee!