Communication Styles

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  • On line communications style survey
  • Can be used as part of a workshop, stand alone activity or large group event
  • Realise greater influence and success in relationships with colleagues/clients
  • Follow the link below to see a sample report

Our Communication Styles Survey

It is impossible not to communicate. Every minute that you spend with others you are communicating. Even if you are silent, your body and facial expressions send a message. Over the years, people develop specific communication styles or ways of communicating. You may have noticed that you like to be the centre of attention or that you prefer to step back and observe others. Your conscious and unconscious decisions about how to communicate are determined to a large degree by your communication style.

Every time you communicate you send a message to another person and he / she receives a message. Yet the other person does not necessarily receive the exact message that was sent. That is because the person receiving your message has his/her own interpretation. Misinterpretation often occurs when people with different styles communicate. And your first step in ensuring that your messages are received well and that you understand others better is having a strong grasp of your individual communication style.

The Communication Styles Survey is based on research from Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who examined the way people prefer to interact with the world. It generates a report which helps people to understand more about how others see them, and how they can be more effective in communicating with others.

Please take a look at this sample comms style