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International Consulting Firm – The Challenge

A UK based global environmental consulting firm reviewed its financial performance and identified that partners were responsible for driving bad habits across the firm.

We were tasked with creating a desire for a change culture towards enhanced performance.



We ran our business simulation across all teams with all staff. This way we engaged with partners, senior consultants and secretaries alike. Everyone heard the same messages and could challenge each others behaviour with improved financial knowledge



Cashflow improved, profits grew and in one instance a junior consultant at the EU in Brussles asked for a 30% fee on account… the partner, who knew the client would never agree, was shocked and was about to reprimand him when the client interjected.


“We would never agree to 30% on account we have never paid your firm fees on account. And anyway the maximum we pay is 25%…” The partner sat back, swallowed hard and asked if 25% of the 4m euro contract was acceptable. The client agreed!


If you want to improve the financial performance in your firm and build commercial awareness – call Paul on 01892 610060 or email


"We need more of this sort of interactive session linked to our financials, it will make a huge difference to profitability if we all follow the lessons learnt"